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Color CRM's should be used to verify the performance of your color measurement instrument.  Measurement of the CRM with your spectrophotometer should yield similar results when compared to the measurements provided by In T"Hutch, which are traceable to NIST standards(The "TRUTH")!  If not, the device needs attention! It may be providing inaccurate information about your color processes! If you have more than one type of instrument, even from the same vendor you should monitor the difference in performance, using the Voglesong Coloref.
IDEAlliance provides the T-Ref, consisting of SWOP ink patches on white paper, is suitable for a pressroom check on densitometers, as it comes with Status T density values, measured at InT'Hutch. The LAB-Ref, also consisting of SWOP ink patches on white paper, lamintated for durability, is suitable for a pressroom check on colorimeters, as it is provided with L*a*b*c*h* values from In T'Hutch.It is worth reminding the reader that the composition of these references is SWOP ink on white paper.  While useful as a pressroom check, the CRM is subject to color change upon repeated measurements caused by absorption of the illumination from some models of spectrophotometers.  Furthermore, the SWOP ink on paper composition is not accurate enough to act as a viable gauge of spectrophotometer performance, and should be used as a calibration check. For more information, or to order T-Refs or LAB-Refs, visit IDEAlliance's website. A more robust, accurate and precise reference material should be used to gauge the performance of  Spectrophotometers, given their accuracy and precision, and their use as a master calibration instrument for densitometers and colorimeters. Heretofore, the most widely used  CRM has been a set of BCRA (CERAM) Tiles, available from Avian Technologies.  These come as 12 (14 if Black and White are ordered), 4 inch square tiles, with in a range of colors designed to test complete spectral characteristics of spectrophotometers.  The Ceramic tiles offer superb pigment density, uniformity, and durability to act as long-lived reference. The Voglesong Coloref, recently introduced and described on the following pages, would be an Ideal CRM for Spectrophotometer performance validation. It is low-cost, a convenient form factor, and can be scanned by scanning spectrophotometers, and read by automated or manual strip-reading instruments, as well as hand-held.  It offers portability, and its low cost affords similar CRMs to be used at satellite  locations, including the pressroom.The Coloref consists of solid, opaque colors behind an optical quality transmission window. The Voglesong Coloref is compliant with ISO 15790-2004, as a M0 (no Optical Brightening Agent (OBA) compensation.)