Colortron®,a low-cost spectrophotometer developed at Lucid Inc, with Hutch as member of the development team, used a T-Ref-like calibration card. The hazard of "bleaching" of the SWOP ink, caused by repeated measurement by the spectrophotometer necessitated a task team, consisting of a metrologist, an optical engineer, and a printer to develop a more robust calibration card. Their efforts resulted in a card, named the Voglesong Coloref (honoring our departed colleague, Bill Voglesong) being developed as a substitute for the Colortron calibration card, and configured for the US Government Printing office as a CRM, for referencing colors on the census forms.
The card is now offered by In T'Hutch as a CRM to the general color measurement/ management industry. The composition of the Coloref, proprietary to In T'Hutch Ltd., makes the standard ideal for verifying the performance of Spectrophotometers, critical to maintenance of corporate color quality references and standards. Spectrophotometers, being inherently more accurate and precise than colorimeters and densitometers, demand a standard which has specifications within the precision that the spectrophotometer users require to keep the color management of the corporation under tight control.
In most color quality laboratories, sets of Ceramic tiles from British Ceramic Research Association (BCRA) consisting of 12 colored tiles, which characterize the entire gamut of the instruments are used. The Voglesong Coloref has succeeded in mimicking the robustness of the ceramic tile sets, but with a more convenient configuration and at a much lower cost. In fact, the Voglesong Coloref is as if one diced ceramic tiles in 12mm squares and pasted them into a row. The specification of the Voglesong Coloref  which is completely free of optical defects,  appears as follows:
Pigment Density: 0.002/cm
Polarization/transmission shift:    0.0002%
Birefringence negligible
Lateral Image Spread: within ISO5/4
Reflectance uniformity <0.002D
Image Stability (Light Fading)<0.002D
Thermal Coefficient of density change:  <0.0001D/°C
So, Color Quality Managers, here's your chance to improve your metrology and be able to measure the performance of your master instruments and pressroom or offsite satellites.
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Voglesong Coloref: Evolution
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