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Voglesong Coloref is compliant with ISO 15790-2004 (M0), and is a durable, uniform, stable CRM, which offers the same characteristics of the BCRA Ceramic Tile Set, as a calibration standard, but at much lower cost, smaller, more convenient size, and with fewer colors (for now.) The beauty of the Voglesong Coloref is that it provides a NIST-traceable, durable CRM, which can be read by scanning, strip-reading and hand-held spectrophotometers, affording a single solution to gauge the performance of a variety of instruments in your laboratory.We offer consultation on the use of CRM's as a vital ingredient in any color management scheme.
We offer certification for Color Certified Reference Materials (CRM), such as IDEAlliance's TRef, Lab Ref, Web Ref, and X-Rite (strip reader)Tref.​We offer independent, NIST-trace-able certification of the Color Reference Material of your choice, such as tiles or cards, for inclusion with your products. Contact Hutch for a quotation.
Contact us at In T'Hutch for information about our services.  hutch@inthutch.com works!
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A Certified Color Reference Material (CRM). It is in a convenient card format, providing BCRA-TILE- LIKE patches, which is the only such reference to be scanned with X-RITE® iSis® Scanners, to characterize their spectral performance!!